Saturday, June 16, 2012

It was my birthday yesterday...I feel like it's going to be a special year...I'm pretty sure it will be.
My birthday starts not at 00.00 06/15 but at 3 pm on previous day because of the time difference with My home - Moscow. so I have a benefit of celebrating my birthday 2 days in a row.
It was nice and cozy and when the clock showed 3pm I've been doing my favorite thing in the whole world (sewing a toy) and eating my favorite food (pasta with cheese)...I just felt myself so special and so be where I am now...
And now about the 15th.
I've never really liked to celebrate my birthday, but at the same time June15th is my favorite day of the year...for sure.
I felt blessed...I live in the US for 2.5 years now and I don't have any friends here. Only my husband and 2 cats. And I was thrilled by the number of messages I got from my friends from Russia. I've smiled the whole day non-stop because I couldn't believe that every single person I wished to hear from - wrote me something...something nice, some words that only we care of, some wishes that they know I wish more than everything in my life...some warm phrases...they did let me feel that I'm not alone in this world...
My friends are my support and my power...
My morning started with a tonn of congratulations (It was evening already in Moscow) and skyping with my them so much!would love to spend the day with them. Then phone calls to my granny and grandpa=)
the whole day was special as well - at UW my class sang to me Happy birthday...and later on I had a nice dinner with my hubby and one of the girls I know.
The perfect addition was a movie - "five year engagement." It was a last moment decision and we went to the movie theater at 10 pm and it was a lot of fun.

Dima surprised me by cooking 22 strawberries dipped in a chocolate=) (I've turned 22) and of course the present. We decided to make ourselves a huge present for both of our birthdays (His was 3 weeks ago) -we've bought a new camera - canon rebel t3i...I can't wait to get it shipped!!!!)))can't wait to try it!

Me with a duck face)))It's probably the only picture I'll have from the day)just for the history

Monday, May 21, 2012

I guess it is going to be my second advice to the people in the middle of remodeling (the first one was: If you think that asking price for the service is ridiculous then IT IS ridiculous - continue your research. This method saved us around 10K so far) 

The second advice is about hardwood floors.
1. If you decided to put hardwood in your house...consider the lighter colors/shades first, otherwise you'll be able to see every single dust particle on the floor... and all the hair from your pets too. 
2. If you still thinking about darker ones try to look for the more textured'll help you to make all that dust not that obvious to everybody.
3. If you want dark and smooth one start saving money for Rumba...or
prepare to clean a lot. 

I'm vacuuming 2 times a week and do wet cleaning once a week.
And I would say it's not enough)
but impossible is nothing so if you really want something than go for it!
this is how our floor in the master bedroom looks like... LOVE it...although it's time consuming to take care of.
btw here it looks lighter than it is.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am officially done with my first year at UW-Madison...I messed up the second semester...I won't lie. But I'm so damn happy that it's finally over. I was sooo devastated at the end that I didn't sleep, didn't eat, didn't do anything but studying.

And now it's like a miracle. the weather is about 100F and it's so nice and shiny and I know that tomorrow I don't have to go to the University and sit there till 6 pm. that's what the happiness is...
Our roof is half done. and it looks absolutely amazing. Can't wait to wash the house from the outside, buy shutters and a new door (I don't know how you Americans deal with that...but I HATE the fact that the door has glass parts in it and you can see through...and even more. It has a hole for the mail as I can't wait to get one solid steel thing that you can't see through and you can't put stuff through.)

And yeah. the door will be red. It is the best choice to have a rich dark red colored front door. It will make every house beautiful.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have a final in about 2 hours...and Gosh...I have no clue how to prepare for's about everything and nothing...just general decision was do not prepare at all...I've struggled the whole day but ended up doing nothing. That's one reason why I love science: You see the formula and you learn it...everything is clear.

And yeah as usual. 20 minutes till leaving the house and I have a green sh*t all over my face (let's call it facial mask) hope the neighbors won't decide to come over...
Since I moved in here I live in my perfect pinkish bubble where it's always sunny and there is me + my husband (who is the best man in the world) + 2 wonderful cats...and that's it. I don't have friends here...and mostly it is my fault of course...but that's the way it is. I didn't see lives of other people much in our apartments... But now we moved to the house and accidentally became a part of wonderful neighborhood. Where people spend time all together, know everyone and everything...It's actually really close to something we have in Russia in the countryside. I adore all this...and our house is the corner lot so we have a whole bunch of neighbors and people always circulate through our yard.
Here...I see more...and I hear more and I experience more I would say.
Right across the street we have an amazing family. She is a teacher and he does smth with computers I guess. They have two blonde angel kids=) boy - 6 years old and a girl 1.5...I LOVE looking at them and dreaming about our family to be as beautiful and happy as theirs...but ...We've just noticed that the woman has no hair...she always wearing scarf so that was hard to tell...but it is what it is...chemotherapy? cancer?(don't know)...God, I'm scared to death for her now...I'm praying and hoping she'll get better...but now I just can't believe it all like a bad dream...I just hope that everything will be good for them...

And another man across the street...he is so awesome. He has his own store and does a wooden furniture...he has three beautiful sons - one is in college, others are 16 and 11 years old...They are so close...always like a team. They spend a lot of time together playing basketball or doing something in the house...and we just realized that they don't have a woman in their house...don't know what's happened as well...

I'm telling all this because I accidentally realized...that world is not that perfect around...and there are a lot of stories around us...

I just hope everything is alright...and I'm going to continue to fight for our happiness and for our perfect little world...that will probably make someone else a little happier.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hawk's nest right on one of UW buildings=))))
They are such a cuties, aren't they?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Within two weeks after I got married I've lost my wedding band...I've tried to find it for 2 weeks crying and complaining about how stupid I was...As a result we ended up buying the same ring again, and that's the one I had on my finger for the past 1.5 years. But a couple of days ago I accidentally found the original one in one of my hoodies that I wanted to throw away, but decided to leave it for the wall painting...I still can't believe this...I was sure that it was gone...

Plus it doesn't sound right when the bride lose her wedding ring 2 weeks after the wedding does it?

So yeah...I'm a happy camper) and I have 2 similar rings now)just in case...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that I didn't disappear and I have a bunch of interesting things to share with you=)
Our remodeling is moving forward..step by step and it's amazing how the house changes every single day
we put a couple of drywall walls in the bathroom and a new obscure window!!!I'm so excited that we don't have to cover it anymore!!! the window itself is cute as well)...and it is nice and light...I'm telling you natural light in such a tiny bathroom is a real treasure!I'm so happy that we found that window blocked by paneling and insulation (accidentally btw))

But it's not a main thing now...We finally painted our master bedroom! It's sooo neat!!! Light blue color. it is more as a Tiffany blue on 3 out of 4 walls and the shady grayish light blue on the 4th wall...This makes room deeper and bigger even though both of the tones are very light)...can't wait to add a nice white moldings and trim around windows and doors...With an addition of our dark brown bamboo hardwood floors it's going to be just amazing....oh...I wish we could spend more time on the remodeling.
And I absolutely love the fact that we do everything ourselves...the house will have our soul in it...for sure

Just to let you know: I increased saturation on the "after" picture so you can see the colors and probably the difference between two walls better. (you can tell that by looking at the floor)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

На русском

Даже пытаться переводить все что на душе не буду. напишу о своем полном нежелании учиться...
Осталось 5 недель до ...конца весеннего семестра и ммм... до начала летнего семестра...каникул у меня не предвидится...но все равно.

во первых погода под 25 градусов, подготовка к венчанию (становится все интереснее и интересней)
 а главное полный развал в доме не оставляют мне никакого шанса на полноценную учебу.
Я уже завалила один экзамен...сознательно...я позволила себе его завалить.
А во вторник еще один к которому я готовиться еще и не начинала...его я позволить себе завалить не могу.
У меня нет рабочего места...нет тишины...нет необходимых книг вокруг тк все раскидано и упаковано по периметру...найти что то невозможно.
Надо очень очень много сделать...а я спускаю все на тормозах.

Пасха прошла не совсем так как хотелось бы. Торжественно клянусь в следующем году исправить. Но все равно какими то моментами было здорово. Сегодня мы гуляли под дождем и это было совершенно чудесно! А еще кулич...которых переборщив с пропорциями получилось 4=)))
Но они такие вкусные, что думаю надолго не задержатся)

Так что да учеба и венчание пока главные приоритеты....на ближайшие 4-5 недель точно)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I just did!!! Even though it took forever to write this letter...I was all blushing and struggling to put the words in a sentence... I wrote an email to our potential wedding photographer. She is so beautiful and her photos are true magic... She makes people look just amazing... Her work is expensive...but all I wanted from my wedding is just 3 things - ritual itself, wedding dress, and beautiful pictures...well and the forth- tiny honey week))))

I'm sure we won't be disappointed with our choice...

can't wait to get an answer from her!

I received the answer in 5 minutes and it seems like we are really doing it!!! Right after we finally chose the date, it started to appear more real, but now it's like scary real))))

Here are some pictures and the author is Alena Kutnikova
We're SO excited to work with her!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today is the day when I officially give up. I can not take a bus to go from the house to university and vice versa anymore.
I did some calculations and came up with the fact that every week I spend more than 8!!!! hours on my bus trips (I have to wait for it 40 minutes after classes every single day.) I can't believe I could spend this time on reading or studying or doing some crafts...orghhhhh

today is going to be my first trial of getting closer to the campus on my car and then take a bus for the last 5-10 minutes.
In this case it's gonna be much easier on the way back because I will be able to reach my car in almost no time, and it will not be a torture anymore.

Wish me luck!=)

Credit for the picture: Cary Scott

Monday, April 9, 2012

I am so in love with Anthropologie dresses!!!! I can spend hours looking at them...Unfortunately they are way over the budget I can spend on a dress (or on anything else...) I just think it would be awesome to be able to sew something like this one day.

My personal favorites:

 Look at the shape!!!The best dress ever!I would wear it the whole summer for sure!
 I'm personally obsessed with these classy ruffles
 And the color is cute!
And this one is more than perfect for summer so flattering and light...Simple beauty.

I am lucky enough to own one dress that looks similar to the first one I've posted here. I wore it just once so far when we traveled to Boston last year.

And I got more compliments than for the previous 20 years of my life that day! One man on the Farmer's market told me that I am a real summer beauty in this dress...I smiled the whole day after that! Can't wait to wear it again. It is perfect, and the only "con" I've noticed so far that it is a little heavy for the summer dress...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yesterday was the best day ever=)) you know why? Because we went to Menards, bought a water softener (we were told by the plumbers that our old one doesn't work...that would not be a surprise because the old is more than 10 years old for sure) However, first- we don't really trust plumbers, and the second -we are curious. We took a water sample using the old water softener and went to the store to check it. And you know what? It still works perfectly fine!!!!! Can't believe it...really...we are that lucky for the first time I guess)))))
As a result we returned a new one, and it saved us 350$!

And yes...the one thing we learned from our remodeling process: never trust people that you hire... Plumbers, Electricians, or any construction workers...Always spend your time to get second or third opinion from others. They do free estimation most of the times... It saved us about a thousand on plumbers and another thousand on electricians. (By the way it is still ridiculously expensive, and I am so happy we have only one bathroom where we must use their service.)

By the way happy Easter to anyone who celebrate it today!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today we're gonna go to Milwaukee in order to go to the Orthodox church and pick up some candles for the upcoming Easter (Orthodox Easter is on 15th this year)  plus we'll go to the Milwaukee Zoo ...It's always nice and relaxing out even though we don't have kids except me  , we love to walk there.
Now it's a struggle) Will it be too hot in the wool dress, or too cold in the tights or will I kill my feet with the heels first?
I honestly vote for the third option, so I'll take sneakers with me) just in case)

I don't wanna start school so baaad....Feels like it would be nice to have a couple more months of holidays)I would vote for that...Especially because I'll continue to study this summer...Extinction of species and Organic Chem labs are waiting for me....arghhhhh

Friday, April 6, 2012

Today is the last weekday of my spring break...I can officially state that it was a horrible break)))Every single day all I did is sitting at home and waiting for either plumbers, electricians, guys from charter, or some delivery. 
I didn't travel, didn't party, didn't have fun at all)))))

And now I afraid I am even more tired than I was before the break.
But the good news are - we have all the plumbing in the bathroom done (for the ridiculously huge amount of money btw...)
and all the electric stuff should be done by Tuesday next week. 
We also continued to work on our master bedroom and I'm super excited about that

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

И время течет как сумасшедшее...вот уже прошла половина спринг брейка - который грозит стать худшими каникулами которые когда либо у меня были. на то есть целый ряд причин:
ходим в туалет и моемся мы окруженные двумя дверными проемами без дверей и тремя окнами...(ванная все еще в процессе переделки как вы поняли))

утром я жутко не высыпаюсь так как надо вставать в 7.30 чтобы к 8 встретить рабочих...сегодня я так встала и ждала электрика до ЧАСА дня , а потом он пришел сказал Ups sorry I'm a little late и пошел как ни в чем не бывало...конечно что у меня жизнь есть чтоли? подождала 5 часов и замечательно.

я не могу никуда уйти из дома на шоппинг или в парк или поехать кататься на велеке по той же причине - либо кого то жду либо сижу с рабочими (не сидеть не могу - электрики работают по часам...уверена если уйду они будут работать в 5 раз медленнее)

вот так я и сижу привязанная к дому, к дивану, к ноутбуку.

Думала установить симс по старой памяти, но external hard drive бесследно расстворился в переезде и не был обнаружен ни в одной из коробок с надписью "Хлам"

Тоска зеленая.

может понадеяться на крутые выходные?...

и еще надо бы начать переносить все фото с ремонта  в этот блог...на лиру заходить хочется все меньше и меньше)

по моему мы сделали очень много за эти 2 недели...

Особо не вдаваясь в детали - так выглядит наша ванная сейчас
Что с ней было сделано (когда все будет закончено будет нормальный полноценный пост было/стало - пока что просто для создания общей картины):
снесено, все что там было включая стену между ванной и спальней
сделан пол - заменены сгнившие доски вокруг унитаза, сверху закрыт цементными блоками,
потолок - ободрано все что там было, старые балки, подвешен новый влагостойкий гипсокартон.
стены - собственно говоря поставлены основные балки, которые являются основой новой стены! также балки закрыли вход в ванную с кухни - этого бреда больше нет!
прорублено отверстие под дверь в ванную из гостинной
установлен унитаз и джакузи (ЮХУУУУУ!!!=)))
осталось: раковину и вентилятор(вытяжка) из всего связанного с трубами)
из электрики установлены розетки под джакузи, стиралку и сушилку
осталось: провода к тому самому ветилятору, который по совместительству - лампа, два светильника по обе стороны от раковины и выключатель все это регулирующий

А вы заметили то окно, которого в первоначальном варианте ванной там близко не было?))))))))обнаружили его забитым под слоем деревянных панелей и изоляции - оно прекрасно. заказали obscure glass window  - чтобы не светиться в душе))))

Monday, March 26, 2012

It is a disaster...I mean I probably don't know the word that describes something that is worse than a disaster...otherwise I would definitely use it...
Hmmm we have to move out from our apartment in one week. That means that we have to move to our house...and it would be just fine even though the bedroom is not ready...BUT we had to break the wall between one of the bedrooms and the bathroom in order to expand it...and guess what?!!! This bureaucracy will kill me... And yeah...for those who think that Russia is the worst place on earth with all that corruption and documentation....ohhhh no...Wisconsin rules the world...Today the guy who was supposed to give us permit for   the removing of the wall stated that it is a structural wall and we can remove it and we have to pay an additional fee to the engineers so they'd made the custom design for us...Our plumbers and our realtor and we ourselves (for those who don't know I am an engineer...even though I have some work to do in order to receive my master's degree...) anyways...this wall that he calls structural is all shaking and it is not more than a couple of 2*4s connected together... it is ridiculous....
I am mad...Dima is even more mad I assume...and even more...electricians sent us an estimate that we should pay them for moving the fan and a couple of vanity lights...and two plugs...well they think it cost 1500$ they're crazy I'm telling you. We will do everything ourselves...The country of freedom...yeah...sure...
The last week before spring's crazy for everyone I guess...but the presence of a huge house project doesn't make my life any easier... I am tired ...1 IP, 1 essay, 2 exams to go...
And registration for the summer term starts tomorrow morning...I want to take Organic chem labs (8 hours /week) and Extinction of Species - only 1 month long..will see how it goes

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Я все чаще смотрю по сторонам и думаю: ну насколько же американские парни красивее русских ох....как сказал Лагерфельд, что был бы он русской женщиной - был бы лесбиянкой...я во многом с ним согласна!!!!
и в то же время как злая шутка - американские девочки намнооого страшнее русских девочек, по наблюдениям в моем университете они не умеют ни расчесываться, ни краситься, ни одеваться ни мыть голову. Все что умеют - ходить в спортивных трусах/штанах - совмещая их с уггами...а в пижаме в магазин - это вообще ппц товарищи.

И я тут подумала - вот было бы круто если бы русские девушки(нормальные , не те которые курицы) могли бы жить поблизости с американскими мальчиками - тоже нормальными, желательно с мозгами....то у них бы были самые красивые дети на свете.

Мой муж не в счет)))он нереально красив умен и он русский)хоть и с американским паспортом=)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today I feel depressed...probably the reason is a cloudy weather or just a bad mood.
However, I'm struggling because I'm still undecided of what do I want from my life and how I imagine it all to myself. I'll finish my BS  in Biology next spring... and...I don't really know what I'll do with it. I don't have ANY work experience...even as a cashier or a resume is just a blank paper for now. I came to the US two years ago and all I did is pretty much studying. I'm not working in the lab...probably I could try to find something...but here is another thing: I don't have time. We bought a house recently and there is a LOT of work to do...Moreover, in average I spend much more time for my regular studies than most of the Americans do because of my language skills and perception of the material in English... I have to re read stuff over and over again to realize what it is all about. And writing...oh it's a torture...I can spend up to 4 hours to write a 2 double spaced pages. It's not like writing a blog...

So here I am almost 22 years old, married, with 3 years of rocket science studies behind my back from Moscow Aviation University., and still unfinished Bachelor degree in Biology. I am not planning to get the master degree at least right now....Well At first I've dreamed of the Veterinarian career...But after going to the pre-vet club on our campus and meeting with recently graduated doctors...I just realized that it's not gonna work...In the place where I live, it's almost impossible to find a job because we  have a vet school here, obviously. Moreover, you'll have to pay 30000$ / year...I don't have this amount of money and I don't want to pay off the loan for the rest of my life. So now I just stick to my BS...and I don't really know what to do next...I don't want to go to career services on campus as well...because I honestly think about starting the real family...don't wanna wait 5 more years.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And We Did it!!!!

Today, at 1 pm we signed all the papers and got the keys from our house!!!! Still can't believe it's true!
Now I will have a new rubric on this blog for sure =) you will see all the remodeling and all the "before" "after" type of things=)
Hope it will be interesting!
Just a quick sneak peak so you know how my 150 year old house look like right now from the outside=)
Oh if only you had a chance to see my day today you would probably be jealous...I think I'm kind of jealous of myself too...
It is sooooo nice outside!!!!!And I'm just sitting on the grass on one of the campus' hills. I'm not even sure that something better exists in this world) Wisconsin, Thank you for such a nice weather...hope it will stay longer. And it is still hard to believe that we had a snow storm week and a half ago!!!according to the weather forecast the weather should be this awesome at least for one more week.
Of course I don't really want to study...or do remodeling...or...I guess I just wanna do nothing and enjoy the weather.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I got student discount to buy tickets to "Cats". I want to see it so bad!!! And Dima said that we should stay and plan the remodeling this Friday. There is NOOO WAY I'm gonna lose this opportunity. 25$ per ticket isn't it a bargain?!
And weather in Madison is just marvelous!!! it's 79 degrees outside. People look much happier under the sunlight)

*By this time tomorrow we gonna own our first house...fingers crossed!*

I'm on the instagram : makoffka


Сегодня прислали сообщение о студенческой скидке на мюзикл Кошки!!! ооо я должна там быть)))тем более что мы и так живем в деревне. Димка пыхтит, что надо делать ремонт, но он все равно уломается=) Погода сегодня нереальная!!!!+26 представляете!
Настроение соответствующее...правда 4-й день болит голова или от смены погоды или от брекетов,но приятного мало.

Это я сфоткала сегодня на айфошу у нас на кампусе.
кто есть в инстаграмме добавляйтесь! я makoffka

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today, I was done with school around noon, so now I'm trying to clean up our apartment before showing this evening. That's amazing how our place changes with every packaged box. I feel like our loft is just losing its soul...becomes empty and unknown again.

We've started our family within these walls, and now we are leaving. I will definitely miss the 2 years that we've spent here.

btw it's such an awesome weather outside!!! It's getting close to 75 F.


Сегодня просто чудесная погода!!! 19 градусов а в прогнозе на всю неделю 22-26 и солнышко)))) Я балдею, параллельно убирая квартиру: сегодня ее прийдут смотреть люди, которые возможно ее снимут. А вообще одновременно удивительно и грустно как меняется наша квартира с каждой упакованной коробкой. Глядя на нее сейчас я могу сказать точно, что она уже не выглядит нашей.
Я буду скучать по этому месту. Здесь мы начали свою семью 2 года назад, сюда принесли когда то крошечных Тишу и Дуняшу, а сейчас мы движемся дальше.
Today is the last day for Dima at his previous job. And we can't wait to move forward) It's hard to believe how things can change in one week!! We will become homeowners in 2 days!

OMG I just remembered that we gonna have a quizz today! (will go ant try to review as much material as I can) I still can't understand how on earth do I forget about the test second time in a row!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ну вот все и закончилось...прошло все более менее без приключений. Самое мерзкое для меня было когда в самом начале лабы нам дали поковыряться в настоящих человеческих сердцах повтыкать пальцы в отверстия которые раньше были венами,аортами и желудочками...там меня чуть не стошнило.

С крысой оказалось проще. Я не стала ее трогать - просто смотрела. Было не мерзко и в обморок я не упала. У одной из групп оказалась беременная крыса с зародышами внутри. жалко.
Но нет я скажу об одном моральном ублюдке. Который по совместительству является будущим американским морпехом судя по форме. После того как мы вытащили кишки для изучения это уебище стало запихивать их в рот дохлой крысе и обматывать вокруг шеи заливаясь смехом...Хотелось вьебать с ноги. А потом удивляемся, когда слышим о дикости и абсурдной жестокости их военных? ВОТ ОНИ. сука.

сегодня я была не в духе...и еще у меня третий день адски болят зубы после похода к ортодонту. Я ни с кем не разговариваю и стараюсь по максимуме их игнорировать. 
Today I'm gonna do rat dissection during the bio lab. I can't describe how nervous I am. I know many of the students performed dissection in high school. I've never done or seen anything like that before and I'm soooo scared. Can't imagine how my own organism will behave. I honestly think it's cruel to kill 6 rats just to give us an opportunity to take a look on the organ system. I had rats as pets in yeah I'm nervous)
Do you have any advice or suggestions on how not to puke and not to pass out?)


Девочки у меня сегодня препарация крысы в лабе по билогии!! Что делать?

Как не рухнуть в обморок и побороть тошноту? У меня всю жизнь дома жили крыски как домашние животные...и я никогда никого не резала и не вскрывала и внутренностей не видела. О боже...жутко страшно=((( Многие американцы делают это еще в школе...а я в тихом ужасе.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We have closing in 4 days!!!! OMG I just can't believe that it's real. Everything went so smooth and calm. We saw the house just once and realized that we want this project, and we're ready to invest our time, hard work, and money in this wonderful place (it's not wonderful yet btw). Our realtor did a great job and I'm just happy and excited...can't wait to start!.

Мы закрываем дом и получаем ключи через 4 дня! Все еще не могу поверить, что это правда. Что все реальность и что дом скоро будет нашим. Благодаря нашему прекрасному риэлтору, да и риэлтору продавца тоже, все прошло буквально незаметно для нас. Увидев этот дом, мы сразу поняли, что это отличный способ инвестиции своего труда , своих денег и своего времени.
Не терпится начать!!!

Всем привет!!!=)
Ну вот и я начинаю перебираться на новое место.
Мне очень очень интересно, что из этого получится потому что  сидеть на лиру сил нет никаких.да и желания тоже. Я уже третий раз начинаю все с нуля...Интересно хватит ли терпения и сил на этот раз. Сперва я хотела сделать полностью отдельный блог, но остановилась на использовании собственного домэйна на этом ресурсе. Просто на  данном этапе так будет проще наладить общение как мне кажется.

Всем кто будет читать мой блог с пожалуйста отпишитесь здесь, чтобы я вас тоже добавила.
А всем кто наткнулся на мой блог случайно и решил задержаться: Добро пожаловать!!

Двуязычный блог это в два раза больше сил и ответственности, но надеюсь все обязательно получится!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today was a busy day (well we still have half of it left).
At first Dima took our friend to the airport at 5 AM. Then we went to my orthodontist. Oh I love him!!!He is the cutest old man ever!!!He is soooo nice and gentelman-like and his tie with little ducks is just the best. And of course I'm more than thankful that he agreed to continue my treatment (I've put my braces on in Moscow, and all the "SUPER" doctors wanted nothing but to take my (expensive) ceramic braces off and put ridiculously expensive metal ones that are actually worse instead... I just thought it was stupid...and I've spend about an year here trying to find a doctor who would work with my braces). Now with a smile on his face my cute old guy told me that I have about 5 more months to go...and I'm super excited because it has been almost 3 years and I can't wait to take them off.

One more thing: Have you heard about free paint quarters in Ace Hardware?))))Oh...they do this special for the second Saturday in a row. I hope they'll make it next week too!
Well...yeah we're cheating a little)))What we've done is just went through all Ace hardware stores around the area and took the free quarter of the same color from each store! As a result we've got 5 quarters total which should be enough for the one wall in our bedroom! I can't describe how happy I am because we're buying our pretty house just in perfect time!!Can't wait to start the renovation. 4 days left till closing!

Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Beginning

Today is my first post here, and I have a great news to share!!!
First of all of course it is Friday, and the weekend is coming. Hope it's gonna be a nice weather though because now it is chilly here in WI.

So today I had my driver's test, and I passed it!!!That was my first try, and I'm super proud that I did it=)
hmmm...I was close to fail it because I got 25 "mistake points" out of 25 possible, but still)))
I know I'm almost 22 and it's a little late for the first driver's license, but before I lived in Moscow, and the public transportation there is so widespread that I simply never really needed to have a car.

So now I own my ancient (but nice) Nissan Maxima '1999, and I can't wait to drive on my own without my hubby complaining about my driving skills)))

(I'll try to update my blog as soon as I can, and I should probably start with adding an "about me" page)