Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Beginning

Today is my first post here, and I have a great news to share!!!
First of all of course it is Friday, and the weekend is coming. Hope it's gonna be a nice weather though because now it is chilly here in WI.

So today I had my driver's test, and I passed it!!!That was my first try, and I'm super proud that I did it=)
hmmm...I was close to fail it because I got 25 "mistake points" out of 25 possible, but still)))
I know I'm almost 22 and it's a little late for the first driver's license, but before I lived in Moscow, and the public transportation there is so widespread that I simply never really needed to have a car.

So now I own my ancient (but nice) Nissan Maxima '1999, and I can't wait to drive on my own without my hubby complaining about my driving skills)))

(I'll try to update my blog as soon as I can, and I should probably start with adding an "about me" page)


  1. congratulations!! well done... i will start to learn driving this friday...and i am 24 years old ;)P.S. i am Marta ;)