Saturday, March 10, 2012

Today was a busy day (well we still have half of it left).
At first Dima took our friend to the airport at 5 AM. Then we went to my orthodontist. Oh I love him!!!He is the cutest old man ever!!!He is soooo nice and gentelman-like and his tie with little ducks is just the best. And of course I'm more than thankful that he agreed to continue my treatment (I've put my braces on in Moscow, and all the "SUPER" doctors wanted nothing but to take my (expensive) ceramic braces off and put ridiculously expensive metal ones that are actually worse instead... I just thought it was stupid...and I've spend about an year here trying to find a doctor who would work with my braces). Now with a smile on his face my cute old guy told me that I have about 5 more months to go...and I'm super excited because it has been almost 3 years and I can't wait to take them off.

One more thing: Have you heard about free paint quarters in Ace Hardware?))))Oh...they do this special for the second Saturday in a row. I hope they'll make it next week too!
Well...yeah we're cheating a little)))What we've done is just went through all Ace hardware stores around the area and took the free quarter of the same color from each store! As a result we've got 5 quarters total which should be enough for the one wall in our bedroom! I can't describe how happy I am because we're buying our pretty house just in perfect time!!Can't wait to start the renovation. 4 days left till closing!

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