Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I just did!!! Even though it took forever to write this letter...I was all blushing and struggling to put the words in a sentence... I wrote an email to our potential wedding photographer. She is so beautiful and her photos are true magic... She makes people look just amazing... Her work is expensive...but all I wanted from my wedding is just 3 things - ritual itself, wedding dress, and beautiful pictures...well and the forth- tiny honey week))))

I'm sure we won't be disappointed with our choice...

can't wait to get an answer from her!

I received the answer in 5 minutes and it seems like we are really doing it!!! Right after we finally chose the date, it started to appear more real, but now it's like scary real))))

Here are some pictures and the author is Alena Kutnikova
We're SO excited to work with her!

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