Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today we're gonna go to Milwaukee in order to go to the Orthodox church and pick up some candles for the upcoming Easter (Orthodox Easter is on 15th this year)  plus we'll go to the Milwaukee Zoo ...It's always nice and relaxing out even though we don't have kids except me  , we love to walk there.
Now it's a struggle) Will it be too hot in the wool dress, or too cold in the tights or will I kill my feet with the heels first?
I honestly vote for the third option, so I'll take sneakers with me) just in case)

I don't wanna start school so baaad....Feels like it would be nice to have a couple more months of holidays)I would vote for that...Especially because I'll continue to study this summer...Extinction of species and Organic Chem labs are waiting for me....arghhhhh

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