Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yesterday was the best day ever=)) you know why? Because we went to Menards, bought a water softener (we were told by the plumbers that our old one doesn't work...that would not be a surprise because the old is more than 10 years old for sure) However, first- we don't really trust plumbers, and the second -we are curious. We took a water sample using the old water softener and went to the store to check it. And you know what? It still works perfectly fine!!!!! Can't believe it...really...we are that lucky for the first time I guess)))))
As a result we returned a new one, and it saved us 350$!

And yes...the one thing we learned from our remodeling process: never trust people that you hire... Plumbers, Electricians, or any construction workers...Always spend your time to get second or third opinion from others. They do free estimation most of the times... It saved us about a thousand on plumbers and another thousand on electricians. (By the way it is still ridiculously expensive, and I am so happy we have only one bathroom where we must use their service.)

By the way happy Easter to anyone who celebrate it today!!

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  1. I'm glad you saved some money :) and yea don't trust ppl, they all want to make more money