Monday, May 21, 2012

I guess it is going to be my second advice to the people in the middle of remodeling (the first one was: If you think that asking price for the service is ridiculous then IT IS ridiculous - continue your research. This method saved us around 10K so far) 

The second advice is about hardwood floors.
1. If you decided to put hardwood in your house...consider the lighter colors/shades first, otherwise you'll be able to see every single dust particle on the floor... and all the hair from your pets too. 
2. If you still thinking about darker ones try to look for the more textured'll help you to make all that dust not that obvious to everybody.
3. If you want dark and smooth one start saving money for Rumba...or
prepare to clean a lot. 

I'm vacuuming 2 times a week and do wet cleaning once a week.
And I would say it's not enough)
but impossible is nothing so if you really want something than go for it!
this is how our floor in the master bedroom looks like... LOVE it...although it's time consuming to take care of.
btw here it looks lighter than it is.

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