Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Since I moved in here I live in my perfect pinkish bubble where it's always sunny and there is me + my husband (who is the best man in the world) + 2 wonderful cats...and that's it. I don't have friends here...and mostly it is my fault of course...but that's the way it is. I didn't see lives of other people much in our apartments... But now we moved to the house and accidentally became a part of wonderful neighborhood. Where people spend time all together, know everyone and everything...It's actually really close to something we have in Russia in the countryside. I adore all this...and our house is the corner lot so we have a whole bunch of neighbors and people always circulate through our yard.
Here...I see more...and I hear more and I experience more I would say.
Right across the street we have an amazing family. She is a teacher and he does smth with computers I guess. They have two blonde angel kids=) boy - 6 years old and a girl 1.5...I LOVE looking at them and dreaming about our family to be as beautiful and happy as theirs...but ...We've just noticed that the woman has no hair...she always wearing scarf so that was hard to tell...but it is what it is...chemotherapy? cancer?(don't know)...God, I'm scared to death for her now...I'm praying and hoping she'll get better...but now I just can't believe it all like a bad dream...I just hope that everything will be good for them...

And another man across the street...he is so awesome. He has his own store and does a wooden furniture...he has three beautiful sons - one is in college, others are 16 and 11 years old...They are so close...always like a team. They spend a lot of time together playing basketball or doing something in the house...and we just realized that they don't have a woman in their house...don't know what's happened as well...

I'm telling all this because I accidentally realized...that world is not that perfect around...and there are a lot of stories around us...

I just hope everything is alright...and I'm going to continue to fight for our happiness and for our perfect little world...that will probably make someone else a little happier.


  1. Как говорится: "Хочешь сделать мир лучше, начни с себя". Вот мой мир ты незаметно для себя делаешь лучше и лучше) Так приятно читать твои записи, видеть твои фотографии, слушать твои истории. Даже когда ты говоришь о чем-то печальном или сложном, у меня, например, не возникает сомнений, что все разрешится и совсем не помешает вашему с Димой счастью. И вообще, вы улетные! :))

    А к посту было бы круто фоток ;))

    З.Ы.: Хотела написать пост на английском, но чертов языковой барьер помешает написать от души :)

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