Thursday, March 28, 2013

Baby Blanket Update

Hey hey!!Happy to announce that my project took me 3 days instead of 5!!However, I had to spend the whole 3 full days working on it 8am-5pm

Some thoughts:
It took me exactly 2 yards of white fabric
1 yard of yellow fabric 
and 1 yard of grey fabric to finish this quilt

two layers of organic cotton batting inside. It is not bulky and feels just right.

overall price of the project is around 20$. (considering sales and coupons used in JoAnn's)

Its size is 1x1 meter. 

I'd say you should really want this exact pattern and this exact idea in your head...otherwise it's hard to stay focused - too much stitching,cutting,ironing... A lot of work (and pretty easy to give up)I'm not sure I want to see my sewing machine anywhere around me the next month))))

So here are few pictures of what I ended up with
1. Lots of measuring and cutting                                                   2. Lining up zig zags

3. Sewing

Final Result 

PS This little hare is waiting for our baby too!!

Overall I'm more than happy with both an idea and results.
My stitching skills are much better now, and the lines are really STRAIGHT)
the blanket is very cute and cosy. I feel like every baby should have something like that to cuddle in and to crawl over (I would if it wasn't too small for my 5'10" =) )

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