Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nursery ideas

Since we found out that we are going to become parents, I started to look for nursery ideas online.

I think everyone is aware now about Pinterest -I've spent hours on this source looking through pictures of different nurseries. To start off I had no idea what colors I like and what style or design to follow. I really think that pinterest helped me a LOT with this challenge. 

Here  you can find the "nursery board" I created for inspiration. 

If you are not familiar with pinterest there is an amazing source called Project Nursery. There you can find THOUSANDS of great ideas and room tours. 
I love the little videos and comments on the rooms and designs.

Another little tip I came up with is creating an inspiration board.
When you are expecting or working or having school full time it is pretty hard to remember about all those cute little things you saw somewhere a week ago so collecting all the ideas at the same place can be helpful in both memorization AND realizing if they can be used together.
For my inspiration board I used Picasa software because it's free, it's easy to use and it has tons of functionality in it.

I simply saved the pictures I like, cropped the details, created collage with them and added some notes. 
And here it is!

These are some of the details I want to see in our own nursery.
We've started working on it, and you've already seen our blanket from the top left corner. There are couple more things that are done, and I'll show you them in my next post.

So far I am more than happy with the way it all looks and can't wait to put the whole picture together=)

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