About Me

My name is Nastia (it has nothing to do with nasty) it is just a short form of Anastasia (in Russian.)
In my everyday life in the US, I tend to introduce myself as either Anastasia or Ana because Nastia is non-pronounceable for most of the Americans (the only name that is really mine is Nastia although).
I'm 22, and I'm happily married to the best man in the world! In 2012 we bought a 150 year old house,and now we live in a nice neighborhood in Middleton, WI.

I am one of that crazy crafty persons that try everything from the knitting and sewing to candle making and scrapbooking.
Well and the last but not least thing to know about me at this point is the fact that I'm Russian, and even though now I live here, my heart and my home is always in Moscow with my family.

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